Small Farms Struggle in Getting Startup Funding

There are a lot of people who love vegetables and farming because this is really fun. One can enjoy it as well as it adds some good money to his/her pocket at the end of the month. In addition, leaving near a farm is a very good idea as it gives you fresh air and keeps you healthy. Six years ago, a woman named Karen Archipley started an organic vegetable farm with her husband in lush Escondido, … [Read more...]

Lainton Family Gets 2013 Farm Award

Paula and Stan Lainton received the award of 2012 Farm Family during the 48th annual Estevan Chambers of Commerce Farmers Appreciation dinner at Days Inn Plaza. The evening featured speeches from the minister of Government Relations, Jim Reiter and the president of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, David Marit. The presentation of the award was the highlight of the … [Read more...]

There’re Still 1 Billion Hungry People in the World

The recent studies say that, approximately 1 billion people around the globe are still starving. Most of them run family farms to produce food for themselves as well as for their communities. Why this is happening? Food expert, Marita Wiggerthale, says the reason is clear. They are not getting enough support to evolve their opportunities. They need to improve their access to the land or water, … [Read more...]

Family farming: Importance and Way to Preserve the Tradition

In every social heritage, all of us have direct family ties to agriculture somewhere to our blood. Let’s go back a long time ago, when we all were hunters and gatherers. Humans lived their life living off the land to feed the families. Since the dawn of the human civilization family involvement in the agricultural sector remained unchanged. With the passage of time we got civilized, invented … [Read more...]

Hurt Farmers are Getting Support from Farm Rescue in North Dakota

Farm Rescue a nonprofit organization aids family farmers in need of planting and harvesting in need. The 45 year lifelong pilot Bill Gross formed this organization to support needy farmers. Farmers play the most important role in any country’s socio-economic growth. But most of time they don’t find the best support in case of emergency. Farmers work hard to put food in our table. But it’s really … [Read more...]

New Policy on Egg and Poultry Sales

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service held a workshop in last Thursday. It was on a new rule that will allow small farm owners to sell limited amount of eggs ad dressed poultry directly to the consumers. The workshop held at Department’s Winter Heaven Office. If this new policy comes in action buying farm fresh eggs and poultry get a lot easier in the next years. Currently, the … [Read more...]

Colorado Family Farms Are Thriving in These Days

Over the last two decades, CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – has become one of the popular ways for most of the consumers are out there to purchase local and seasonal foods directly from the farmers. A good example is the Grant Family Farms which is located near the Fort Collins. Now how the CSA concept works? A farmer has to offer a specific number of the “Shares” to the public. … [Read more...]

Plan for your Vegetable Garden

Small family farms or vegetable gardens can be a huge opportunity to add more in the family income. With a little effort, you can enjoy fresh delicious vegetables from your garden. Also, the garden energy can reduce the grocery bill and put some bucks in your pocket. If you have enough land to raise a vegetable garden, this idea seems to be tempting. But without proper planning all your effort … [Read more...]

A Family Farm Can Enhance Its Role in the Local Economy

The term “value-added” in the agricultural circle means that an agricultural producer or a group of producers of a business further processes a commodity in the value-chain which leads to the ultimate consumer. Sometimes, this can go way beyond the processing of a commodity. A great example is the McCarty Family Farm that received Rural Economic Development Load and a Value-Added Producer … [Read more...]

Great tips on small farming

You might have known that how small farms play a great role in annual national economy. These farms are indeed the most efficient sector of agriculture, expanding the food supply of the world in safe, sustainable and healthy ways. Perhaps you are thinking that large farms have greater contribution than small farms, but the actual data shows us opposite scene. The production of small farms is far … [Read more...]