Hurt Farmers are Getting Support from Farm Rescue in North Dakota

Farm Rescue a nonprofit organization aids family farmers in need of planting and harvesting in need. The 45 year lifelong pilot Bill Gross formed this organization to support needy farmers. Farmers play the most important role in any country’s socio-economic growth. But most of time they don’t find the best support in case of emergency.

Farmers work hard to put food in our table. But it’s really a shame that government and administration didn’t pay enough opportunity for them. In lack of support they couldn’t give the best output. It’s our duty to be in their side. This awareness drives Bill Gross to form this innovative group. Over the years he collected interested and motivated personals and assembled them whenever a farmer needs plating support.

Just a few days back Dan Dotzenrod a small farmer fell from his semitrailer and broke his neck. He won’t be able to his planting all by himself. Farm Rescue was there for him. They helped him planting and harvesting. It was the 200th good deed done by this group.

Farm Rescue was created to be supportive for the North Dakota farmers and from the very beginning they’re helping farmers. Their dedication and hard work has created an avenue for people and businesses to help farm families in the region.

In a very short time they were there for the 200 needy farmer families. Around 100 volunteers work on a regular basis. Most of them are from in South Dakota. Also supportive people from different places take part in it. Don’t get astonished if you see a minister driving semi or an information technology specialist working in the field with tractor and rig. They’re the volunteers came to support the family farmers.