Agritourism – The Best Earning Source of US Family Farms


Travelling is really a great way of pleasure. People of the world travel one country to another country and extract the natural beauties. However, it is not only about extracting beauties of nature, but also about learning the rural living and for this reason, a large number of travelers choose local small farms for their staying in these days and get the real taste of natural living.

Moreover, small farms are failing to meet their desired income so most of the farmers tend to earn some extra income beyond the traditional farming. Some of the farmers have arranged their farms for staying of the tourists and also opened breakfasts. Some farms are surprisingly offering horse riding and drawing tourists. This is known as agritourism by which farmers are boosting their income.

No matter where travelers stay and what they eat. The matter is to have proper safety equipment because a foreign country is unknown to them and this is why safety should be the first concern when travelling abroad. A visitor has chosen a farm for staying doesn’t mean that he/she is safe. Therefore, considering visitor insurance is definitely a great decision. Clever travelers always know the importance of health insurance policy as it helps tremendously when sick or ill during the trip.

Now what are the reasons of the growing agritourism? According to the US Census, the population of United States is over 285,000,000 and about farming is the principal occupation of 960,000 people. The number of farms in the United States is about 2.1 million. The estimated expense of a farm family is about $47,000 and it has been noted that many farms cannot produce enough income that meets their living expense. Only few farms are earning $50,000 per year.

The 1997 Census showed us 90 percent of the US farms are owned by individual and families. Also 90 percent of the corporate farms are operated by families. Moreover, about 40% of the farmers in this country are 55 years old or older. This is why they are considering agritourism as an easy way to boost their income.

Recently it has been seen that the US small family farms are expanding their earnings beyond the traditional farming. Tourists are considering these farms for staying to have the real taste of rural lives, giving farmers another source of income. When visiting another country, safety should be the top concern. Demographics of US farms as per EPA tells us there are over 2 millions small farms in the US, but sadly most of them cannot meet their desired income by traditional farming. So the small family farms tend to earn some extra cash by Agritourism.